The Ancient Art of Stone:Couple Creates Beautiful Rock Wall Art Installations

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Andreas Kunert and Naomi Zettl, a married artist duo based in Vancouver, create beautiful flowing wall installations out of rocks, pebbles, and other decorative elements.

I am passionate to give stone an articulated form. This involves finding the right stones – listening,” explains Kunert, who takes commissions through a website called Ancient Art Of Stone that he runs together with Zettl.

For those not planning major interior remodeling work any time soon, the couple also sells prints of smaller detailed and colorful work that they create specifically for this purpose. Due to their smaller size, these pieces can incorporate colorful stones and elements that just wouldn’t work in their larger installations. Take a look!

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Designer Creates Perfectly Useless Product Designs by Katerina Kamprani

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Product designers are often preoccupied with making objects that are as useful as possible. However, Katerina Kamprani

an Athens-based architect and 3d modeller, has created a series of everyday objects called “The Uncomfort ” where just the opposite is true.

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 Erol Denec  ( Erol Deneç and Hikmet B)

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Fantastic Realist Painter, Sufi Mystic and Musician - Erol Deneç is a former student and protégé of the Master Ernst Fuchs. Initially discovered by Anton Lehmden in Turkey during a guest lecture, Erol was taken under the wings of Ernst Fuchs in Vienna and introduced to the secrets of the old masters. He is a contemporary and friend of De Es Schwertberger, and they are  members of what is considered the “Second Wave” of the “Vienna School of Fantastic Realism”.


this entire episode is a treasure.

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